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Different Types of Commercial Doors

Different Types of Commercial Doors

There are different types of commercial doors. Because of that, you may find the task of choosing which type of doors  a little confusing.

To help you, here are some of the widely used types of commercial doors  for your business establishment.

These doors are important in business buildings. As the entry point, doors play a big role in wooing and attracting customers. Commercial doors must be able to leave a positive first impression to customers and mere passer-bys and at the same time secure the building.

For your own commercial space, choose a door which is easy to open. In most stores, sliding doors with auto sensors prove to be a great choice. This type of doors give customers the feeling of being always welcome. As the activated sensor detects a customer coming near, the door is automatically opens up for the customer to freely enter.

Revolving doors are also good for commercial establishments. Designed as two door panes perpendicular to each other, divided into four quarters and revolving around, customers can enter and leave simultaneously or at the same time. These types of doors have another advantage because they keep the heat and cold inside and therefore  save you money on your utility bill.

Aluminum entrance doors are available in standard and custom sizes. They can be fabricated with many different stile and rail configurations. In addition, they are available in an array of standard and custom finishes. Entrance doors typically have glass infill, however, we can install an aluminum composite panel or even a combination of both. 

For these commercial doors  just remember to take into considerations the over-all cost, general appeal and energy-efficiency of the materials.

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